Happy New Year

 🌈Heart is wide open to all of the possibilities in 2018. I am so happy to have kicked it off doing one of the things I love most, teaching SUP yoga and meditating. Flowing, tuning in, and and experiencing universal love on and off of the water. Sending you all the highest love vibes today, and I hope our hearts can meet on or off the water in the near future💖

My intention for the new year is to be present and in the now more often. I have kickstarted this journey by meditating in the morning and will be sharing #meditationmondays with you lovely people in hopes that you can join. I heard a quote last week that I have been crushing on and reflecting on...🦋

“Time never exists in itself, it’s what happens in it. You have to give it meaning, you have to shape it.” -Esther Perel 🥀

Let’s shape our time and honor ourselves by being here for every moment, present and in tune with our truth. Living to our highest potentials, practicing gratitude, being mindful of the beauty surrounding us, and opening our hearts to the possibilities of the present.