SUP yoga makes a splash in Oxnards' Channel Islands Harbor

Stand up paddle boarding is a popular low impact and fun way to exercise that promotes overall fitness and enables a mindful approach while being immersed in nature. Paddling and sup yoga have become increasingly popular in Oxnard as we live in an ideal place for paddling with miles of clean waterways in a safe environment.

SUP yoga, also know as stand up paddle board yoga, is a rejuvenating form of yoga and exercise that challenges us to be mindful and present while doing modified yoga poses on the paddle board in the water. Anyone can benefit from beginning a sup yoga practice, and all that is required is that you can swim and have an open and willing attitude to trying new experiences

The experience of doing yoga while on the water is a challenging and gratifying practice that brings us closer to nature, tests our inner focus, and allows us to access a deep peace that lies within. Paddle board yoga is an excellent exercise that requires the paddler to use stabilizing core muscles to maintain balance while doing modified yoga poses on the board.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years but the physical asana practice has gained increasing popularity in the US over the last 30 years and has many health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased flexibility, increased muscle tone, an improvement in respiratory and digestive health, increase of blood flow and decrease of high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, improves posture, and eases back, neck, and joint pain and inflammation to name just a few. Yoga is a natural stress reliever as a result of focusing on becoming more self aware of our bodies, thoughts, and internal sensations and improves focus. (If you want more information on the benefits of yoga, you can visit

At Sea Dog Yoga we are all about having fun in a safe and supportive environment while bringing people out on the water to mindfully experience and the scenic views that Channel Islands Harbor has to offer.

Classes are catered to skill level for first time paddlers and yogis or more experienced yogis. Beginning paddlers can also start their journey with private paddle board instruction to gain confidence on the board with the support and guidance of a trained professional.

There is an incredible feeling of contentment and happiness that we are able to absorb after dedicating time and nourishment to ourselves, while leaving our land dwelling problems behind and practicing yoga in the natural marine environment.

Elizabeth is the founder of Sea Dog Yoga and is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. She was specially trained with Stoked Yogi in San Diego to instruct sup yoga with a knowledge of water safety techniques. Elizabeth is a mental health clinician by trade and works for the county of Ventura and enjoys bringing her passion of promoting community wellness, spending time on the ocean, and bringing mindfulness techniques and the benefits of yoga to clients and students in weekend classes.

You can sign up for class at or call Elizabeth at (805)622-9642 or email for inquiries.